Your Name At The Parks

Leave Your Mark in Florida’s National Parks 

Display your company or family name proudly on a plaque within one of our national parks, like the Everglades, visited by over a million people annually. It’s not just about visibility; it’s also a meaningful way to contribute to the preservation of these natural wonders.

Your brand or name becomes a part of the park’s story, inviting countless interactions, selfies, and memories, all while you play a vital role in supporting these cherished spaces. 

Bench Plaque ($5,000):
Each bench, bearing a personalized plaque, offers a serene spot for visitors to relax and embrace the park’s natural beauty.

Picnic Table Plaque ($7,500):
Dedicate a picnic table, and create a gathering space for families and friends. Your donation ensures a place for laughter, conversation, and outdoor enjoyment, all while acknowledging your contribution to the park’s legacy.

Shelter Plaque ($10,000):
Leave a lasting legacy by funding a shelter. These tranquil havens provide shade and respite, perfect for educational programs, family reunions, or quiet reflection.