Volunteer with The Alliance

The Needs of Our National Parks Are Ever-Changing and Never-Ending

With The Alliance, you have the opportunity to connect to the parks, connect to people, and help create a more prosperous future.

Through the support of our volunteers, we are better able to fulfill our five pillars of support within each park: environmental education, preservation & protection, restoration, exploration and, of course, community engagement – which helps us instill in all Floridians an appreciation of these public lands and natural resources for what they are – the key to the sustainability and prosperity of our state.

We provide both in-park and in-community volunteer offerings. Some past volunteer opportunities have included planting trees in Big Cypress, restoring native vegetation to Spoil Island within Biscayne, cleaning up debris along our shorelines, swamp slogging, assisting with happy hour events, bringing galas to life and so much more.

We are excited for you to join The Alliance as a volunteer and as an ally for our national parks! Sign up for our newsletter on the right to be the first to hear about our volunteer opportunities.