Balloons in Biscayne Bay: The Alliance In the News

Balloons being dumped into Biscayne Bay was caught on camera earlier this week and we were able to use this unfortunate event to raise awareness of this problem that has increasingly been plaguing South Florida’s waterways and shorelines.

More than 1,500 balloons were removed from Biscayne National Park this season, just some of the many items that made up the parks record-breaking 30,881 pounds of trash collected.

CBS Miami interviewed our Director of Development & Communications, Katie Murphy, about our concerns over these findings:

    Recently, over 1,500 balloons were recovered in a cleanup operation at Biscayne National Park.

    Sea turtles like to eat what looks like jellyfish and algae. And when you’re underwater and you’re an animal, sometimes balloons can look like jellyfish and algae, and they mistake these for actual food and eat them,” said Katie Murphy with the Alliance for Florida’s National Parks.

    Murphy and the Alliance for Florida’s National Parks helped Biscayne National Park recover those balloons.

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