Preservation & Protection

Identifying Challenges and Implementing Solutions Before It's Too Late

Restoration is a necessary part of the work that we do, but wouldn’t it be great if it wasn’t? That’s where preservation & protection projects come into play.

Our goal is to nip problems in the bud. We work with Florida’s four national parks to identify potential issues, to survey once-forgotten areas and to monitor our state’s treasured wildlife and plant life to find solutions before any serious or irreversible complications occur.

These challenges can vary greatly from park to park, but there are many crucial, ongoing efforts where we have supplied continued support in managing invasive, nonnative species; in monitoring very-much-native, but unfortunately endangered species; and in safeguarding the delicate reefs that are found throughout South Florida.

Our focus in the immediate future includes:

• Invasive python tracking and research
• Sea turtle monitoring with a focus on nesting, hatch rates and survival rates
• Researching the habits of nurse sharks
• Installing mooring buoys in reef areas so boaters can avoid dropping anchor
• Cleaning up debris along our shorelines and in our waterways

Visit each park’s page to see what preservation & protection projects are currently underway at Big Cypress National Preserve, Biscayne National Park, Dry Tortugas National Park, and Everglades National Park.