Help us fundraise this Give Miami Day!

As November ushers in cooler weather and holiday cheer, it also brings with it an exciting opportunity to make a lasting impact on our cherished national parks. Give Miami Day, taking place on November 16th, is a momentous occasion for communities to come together and support the invaluable work being done by organizations like ours, The Alliance for Florida’s National Parks.

Why Give Miami Day Matters: Give Miami Day is not just a day on the calendar—it’s a chance to contribute directly to the conservation, education, and preservation efforts within Florida’s National Parks. It’s an invitation for individuals and businesses alike to play a vital role in safeguarding these natural wonders for generations to come.

How You Can Help: There are numerous ways you can get involved and make a difference:

  1. Donate: Your generous contributions go directly toward funding crucial programs and initiatives. Every dollar counts in our mission to protect and preserve Florida’s unique ecosystems.
  2. Spread the Word: Share our mission with your friends, family, and social networks. Your voice has the power to inspire others to join this important cause.
  3. Set Up Your Fundraising Account: If you’d like to take your support to the next level, consider setting up your own fundraising account. It’s a fantastic way to rally your network and help us reach even greater heights.

Setting Up Your Fundraising Account: If you’re eager to help us raise funds and reach our goals, click the link below and follow the steps to set up your own fundraising account. Your efforts will make a meaningful impact on the future of Florida’s National Parks.

Give Miami Day is a chance for us all to come together and make a real difference in preserving the natural beauty of Florida. Whether it’s through donations, spreading the word, or setting up your own fundraising account, every action counts. Let’s ensure that our National Parks continue to thrive and inspire awe for generations to come.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!

Warm regards,

Bailey Johnson
Director of Communications & Development