#GetOutside: Free Adventures in Big Cypress National Preserve

New Year, healthier you! Take a break from city life and discover the enchanting Big Cypress National Preserve. Just a short hour drive from Miami and 30 minutes from naples, this 729,000-acre wonder offers a plethora of free activities.

Hiking Through Diverse Habitats: Experience trails through hardwood hammocks, home to unique flora like the gumbo limbo trees​​.
1. Florida Trail Southernmost Point: A segment of the 1,400-mile Florida Trail offering picturesque views of the cypress forest​​.
2. Gumbo Limbo Trail: Known for its distinctive gumbo limbo trees, this trail takes you through a diverse hardwood hammock habitat​​.
3. Loop Road Scenic Drive: Along this drive, there are multiple spots where you can stop and explore the trails on foot​​.
4. Kirby Storter Roadside Park: Features a boardwalk that leads into a cypress swamp, ideal for short, scenic hikes.

Ranger-Led Activities: Participate in discovery hikes and interpretive programs. Check out the current programs being offered here!

Wildlife Viewing: Explore spots like Culvert 30 for alligator sightings and bird watching​​.

Scenic Drives:Take the Loop Road Scenic Drive for breathtaking views and wildlife spotting, especially during the dry season​​.

Stargazing: Big Cypress is an International Dark Sky Site, perfect for stargazing​​. NPS hosts a series of Dark Sky events during the winter check out their webpage here for upcoming dates!

After experiencing the natural splendor of Big Cypress National Preserve, consider extending your impact through a donation. Your support to the Alliance for Florida’s National Parks is vital in protecting and improving this unique ecosystem. To donate, click the donate button in the top right and select ‘Big Cypress’ as your funding destination. Your contribution aids in conserving the preserve’s diverse habitats and wildlife, ensuring they remain a source of wonder and exploration.