AFNP announces Chair of the board – Fran Mainella

Miami, FL – The Alliance for Florida’s National Parks, the official non-profit partner of Florida’s national parks, is pleased to announce updates to its Board of Directors. Fran Mainella, the 16th Director and the first woman Director of the National Park Service, as well as the first woman Director of Florida State Parks, has been appointed as the first woman Chair of The Alliance Board. Gavin McKenzie will transition to the role of Vice Chair, alongside Carlos (Charlie) Arazoza. The Alliance also warmly welcomes three new board members: Brittnie Bassant, Kristine Valdez-Caldas, and Omar Barrera.

Fran Mainella, recognized for her visionary leadership and extensive experience in the National Park Service, assumes the role of Chair of the Board. Her unwavering commitment to conservation and stewardship aligns perfectly with the mission of the Alliance. Fran’s appointment signifies a renewed focus on education, collaboration, and engagement, ensuring the long-term preservation and enjoyment of Florida’s national parks.

Gavin MacKenzie, who has provided exceptional leadership and valuable contributions as Chairman of the Board, will transition to the position of Vice Chair. Gavin’s continued involvement and guidance will be instrumental in supporting the Alliance’s mission and goals. Joining Gavin as Vice Chair is Carlos (Charlie) Arazoza, an esteemed member of the Board.

The Alliance for Florida’s National Parks is also delighted to welcome three new board members. Kristine Valdez-Caldas, Executive Director and Area Manager at JP Morgan Chase brings a wealth of expertise in strategic planning and corporate social responsibility. Brittnie Bassant, President & CEO at Chamber South, offers extensive experience in business development and community engagement. Omar Barrera, Director of Life Insurance at Insurance Nation, provides expertise in risk management and a strong commitment to environmental conservation.

The Alliance for Florida’s National Parks extends its heartfelt gratitude to Gavin McKenzie for his exceptional leadership as Chairman of the Board and warmly welcomes Fran Mainella as Chair. The organization looks forward to the continued growth and success of the Alliance under Fran’s guidance and vision.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Bailey Johnson
Communications & Development Director
The Alliance for Florida’s National Parks
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