A New Way to Recognize Donors

We’re launching a new way to be recognized for your support of Florida’s national parks!

You now have the opportunity to be acknowledged with a plaque placed on a bench, picnic table, shelter, or overlook in your favorite national park.

This special recognition is available to supporters who make a $2,500 or more donation and above to The Alliance to elevate visitor facilities. (The donation minimum is calibrated for each type of structure that is available – donation minimums listed below.)

How does it work? If you’re interested in having your donation recognized in this manner, you’ll be provided with a list of available structure locations and we’ll work with you to find just the right one for your plaque. We have a template for the artwork that will be included on the plaque that will be tailored with the name of your choosing. We will handle all of the production and installation aspects of the plaque.

The structure locations that are available for this special type of recognition are concentrated in already-existing interpretive areas within each park such as the Long Pine Key Amphitheater, Royal Palm Visitor Center and Shark Valley Loop Trail in Everglades National Park; Jetty Trail and Convoy Point in Biscayne National Park; Oasis Visitor Center at Big Cypress National Preserve; and Garden Key Parade Ground at Dry Tortugas National Park. (A more thorough list of available location areas is located below.)

For that minimum donation, the donor recognition plaque can be installed for a period of five years (not the life of the fixture) on specific fixtures identified in each park. If you’d like to be highlighted two times over with a donation that is double the minimum, the plaque may be installed for a period of 10 years. After 10 years the plaque must be removed.

But those that make the appropriate level of financial contribution can forego having their own name on the plaque and can instead choose to honor a special someone in their life. What a great way to pay homage a cherished person or moment in a way that gives back!

Every donation helps The Alliance support the work within each national park that ensures that Florida remains natural, wild and – most importantly – accessible.

This is part of a greater donor recognition program. Providing an elevated exploration experience is one of our key pillars and the support through this program also helps maintain these same structures and other visitor facilities throughout each park for all to enjoy. If you’re interested in finding out how else you can be spotlighted for your major contribution in preserving, restoring, and elevating these public lands, just let us know, but we’ve also included an overview of our donor recognition program at the bottom of this page.

Contact us for more information or make a donation today – just make sure to indicate “plaque recognition” in the comment box!

The Fine Print

Donor Plaques/Plates in Outdoor Spaces – Donor recognition plaques at a significant project site, such as an exhibit inside a visitor center, major overlook, or primary outdoor exhibit area, will be placed in discreet ways so as to not interfere with the visitor experience. A classic bronze plaque may be placed low along an overlook wall or similar site. These will be concentrated in the following areas – Interpretive boardwalks, picnic tables and benches – and not dispersed throughout the Park.

Fixtures and Furnishings – The Alliance and Parks may define specific benches and picnic tables as an opportunity to support the ongoing maintenance needs of visitor facilities and to recognize the donations by installing physical plaques. Donations of $2,500 for benches, $5,000 for picnic tables, or more may be recognized on a park-specific furnishing or fixture. Donor recognition may include a time-limited display of recognition attached to or engraved on Park furnishings (e.g. benches and picnic tables). Donor recognition plaques can be installed for a period of five years (not the life of the fixture) on specific fixtures identified in each Park.

Donor Levels – Minimum donation levels to sponsor donor recognition plaques on outdoor furnishings. Donor recognition plaques can be installed for a period of five years (not the life of the fixture). If the value of the donation is at least twice the minimum, the plaques may be installed for a period of 10 years. After 10 years the plaque must be removed.

Structure Type: Minimum Donor Level
Picnic Table: $5,000
Shade Structure/Shelter: $10,000
Overlook/Structure: $20,000

Responsible Party: The Park Superintendent or a designee, in coordination The Alliance for Florida’s National Parks, holds the responsibility for maintenance of the Donor Recognition plaque(s).

Locations of Structures Potentially Available for Donor Recognition Plaque:

Everglades National Park
Potential Donor Recognition Plaque Locations:
Benches, Anhinga Trail (7 available)
Benches, Royal Palm (12 available)
Benches, Long Pine Key Amphitheater (20 available)
Picnic Tables, Long Pine Key Picnic (12 available)
Picnic Tables, Flamingo Fish Cleaning Station (4 available)
Overlook, Anhinga Trail Covered Overlook with Webcam
Shelter, Anhinga Tail (3 available)
Shelter, Flamingo Fish Cleaning Station Structure/Facility
Shade Structure, Shark Valley (4 planned for Tram Trail)
Tent Platform, Hidden Lake (5 available)
Tent Platform, Loop Road (5 available)

Big Cypress National Preserve
Potential Donor Recognition Plaque Locations:
Overlook, Oasis Visitor Center
Boardwalk, Kirby Storter Roadside Park
Picnic Tables, H.P. Williams Roadside Park
Canoe Launch, Turner River Canoe Trail
Overlook, Big Cypress Swamp Welcome Center
Boat Ramp, Seagrape Drive

Biscayne National Park
Potential Donor Recognition Plaque Locations:
Benches, Jetty Trail, Convoy Point
Picnic Tables, Convoy Point
Picnic Tables, Boca Chita Key
Boardwalk, Elliott Key Loop Trail

Dry Tortugas National Park
Potential Donor Recognition Plaque Locations:
Weather Station, Garden Key Dock
Assembly Benches, Garden Key Parade Ground
Bird Bath, Garden Key Parade Ground
Replica Canon Carriages, Fort Jefferson

More on our donor recognition program:

These plaque acknowledgments are part of our larger donor recognition program.

The donor recognition program focuses on acknowledgments for donations of cash, assets, and in-kind services directly to The Alliance. When mutually agreed upon by the Parks and The Alliance, donors to The Alliance may be recognized according to the provisions established in this donor recognition program.

The donor has the right to refuse any public recognition. When mutually agreed upon by the Parks, The Alliance, and the donor, the donor may be recognized according to the provisions established in this donor recognition program. Donors who donate to park programs through The Alliance can be recognized at the same levels and duration as The Alliance.

Donations to The Alliance will be recognized by the following levels, and recognition will include the following methods which are cumulative. Donor Level is cumulative. Donors can be recognized for one-time giving and cumulatively for ongoing or lifetime giving.

All Donations
o “Thank You” letter of appreciation and tax receipt from the Executive Director

$500 and above
o Recognition in Donor Directory on the Partners’ website for three years

$5,000 – $99,999
o Park program support can be recognized on the benefiting park electronic Donor Recognition Board for five years

$25,000 and above
o Coordinate an optional special tour of the Park program or facility
o Donor name featured on physical Donor Wall for three years

$100,000 – $499,999
o Press release recognizing the donor
o Memento (signed book or framed print)
o Donor name featured on Park specific Donor Wall for five years

o Donor name featured on physical Donor Wall of the benefiting Park for 10 years

Based on the cost of the program
o Optional endowment naming rights