What Your Dollars Do

We welcome you to give as much as you want to any park or project you want, but these are the areas your dollars would make the largest impact in the coming year:

$50: Provides an immersive environmental education lesson to one student in one of our national parks

$100: Assists in the successful salvage and reattachment of three “corals of opportunity” within Biscayne National Park

$225: Supports one high school student in participating in the Everglades citizen science program in the search for discovering new species of fungi

$400: Covers monitoring tag for one nurse shark at Dry Tortugas National Park

$1,000: Accounts for 370 pounds of debris removed from Biscayne National Park

$1,500: Provides radio transmitter surgery on one python to help better control this invasive species within Big Cypress National Preserve

$2,000: Grants an in-park trip and experience to one full class of students to the Everglades

$2,500: Supports post-logging forest recovery efforts for one cypress dome within Big Cypress National Preserve

$5,000: Vessel expenses for the coral restoration program at Dry Tortugas

$25,000: Maintains larger, ongoing efforts in the parks, such as a law enforcement officer patrolling of Florida Bay for six months