The SFNPT has provided more than $6 million in support to South Florida’s
four national parks since 2002 to fund programs & projects in five critical areas:
Environmental Education, Resource Protection,
Ranger Programs, Volunteer Activities and Community Engagement.
A selection of recent grants is highlighted below.

Recent Grants: Environmental EDUCATION

Everglades Education. Grant Amount: $125,100. Outcome: More than 12,838 school kids explored Everglades National Park last year on ranger-guided field trips and overnight camping programs supported by the SFNPT. For many students, this was their first visit to the Everglades. Read more…

Swamp Water & Me Program (SWAMP). Grant Amount: $100,000. Outcome: More than 2,190 students got their feet wet last year while participating in SWAMP, an outdoor science education program for 6th-grade students in Big Cypress National Preserve. Read more…


BioCorps Interns. Grant Amount: $25,400. Outcome: Everglades National Park hired four student interns to capture invasive tegu lizards, conduct fish surveys and monitor crocodile and sea turtle nests in the park. The SFNPT grant was matched by the National Park Service.

Sea Turtle Nesting. Grant Amount: $15,200. Outcome: Dry Tortugas National Park hired two student interns to track nesting activity on park beaches and monitor the success of those nests during the 2015 nesting season.

Recent Grants: PARK PROGRAMS

Maritime Heritage Trail. Grant Amount: $19,000. Outcome: Biscayne National Park installed bronze markers at six shipwrecks in the park. The six wrecks make up the Maritime Heritage Trail, a popular diving and snorkeling trail established by the park with funding from the SFNPT.

Nike Missile Base Tours. Grant Amount: $4,800. Outcome: Everglades National Park completed 121 public tours of the historic Nike Missile Base for 5,500 visitors in 2014 and 2015 with the addition of a Nike intern for six months funded by this grant.


Turner River Restoration. Grant Amount: $95,000 over three years. Outcome: The Big Cypress National Preserve is installing canal plugs and culverts to restore the natural flow of water into the Turner River, one of the most scenic and popular paddling spots in South Florida. Read More

Boater Education. Grant Amount: $100,000. Outcome: Everglades National Park is developing a boater education and permit program to enhance visitor safety and protect sensitive marine habitat in Florida Bay and other parts of the park.


Alternative Break. Grant Amount: $23,100. Outcome: 437 volunteers removed more than 13,000 pounds of debris this year from Biscayne National Park beaches in advance of turtle nesting season. In the past, the SFNPT has also funded interns to track turtle nests in the park.

Biscayne Bay Restoration. Grant Amount: $26,200. Outcome: The park restored a spoil island in Biscayne Bay by removing exotic vegetation and recruiting volunteers to replant the island with more than 1,000 native plants and trees.


Everglades Camping Adventure. Grant Amount: $1,997. Outcome: 25 first-time park visitors from four African-American families participated in the Camping Adventure with My Parents (CAMP) program, a ranger-led camping experience in Everglades National Park funded by this grant.

Swamp Heritage Festival. Grant Amount: $8,900. Outcome: The Big Cypress National Preserve welcomed nearly 800 visitors in December 2015 for the 5th annual Swamp Heritage Festival celebrating the culture and history of the Big Cypress.